Sunday, March 01, 2009

Childhood Innocence

No matter how old we are, no matter how many experiences (good or bad) we've had; we all have an inner child. This weeks lecture mentioned the importance of our childhood innocence. "The child is father of the man" never thought of this until I studuied these literature units.
The natural life cycle is as follows: We are born fragile and need someone to take care of us. We then go through life experiences which allows us to adapt to our environment, create our own way of thinking and decision making, which allows us to become an independent.
Just as the stakes are high, we go back to our childhood. We become fragile, just like a child except with a few lines on our delicate skin.

Each line represents a certain experience. It's a shame that people are anxious to get rid of them. Erasing a wrinkle is like erasing an experience, a memory that YOU lived. In one of the letters in this week's reading, there was a quote "Naked we came and naked we shall return". This is so true! We came to this Earth with nothing. We lived on this Earth with clothes, which may symbolise experiences, yet when we leave this Earth, we leave those experiences behind and so, like the biblical reference states: inorder to leave this Earth we must return to our childhood innocence. Blake's work is highly religious and this fits in to the purpose of his work. Humanity is highly materialistic. We can't help it... in a way it's "natural" to us. I know I'm contradicting myself when I say that but it is true in a way.



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