Saturday, November 10, 2012

Total solar eclipse -Cairns.14 November 2012

The total solar eclipse will occur on Tuesday, but it will actually be Nov. 14 local time for observers south of the equator. The eclipse's partial phases will be visible from all of Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand, as well as part of Antarctica and a far-southern slice of South America. The total solar eclipse, however, can only be seen only from a narrow corridor running southeast across Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia.
The forecast for next Wednesday - when a strip of far north Queensland will witness a total solar eclipse - is for cloudy conditions as well as persistent showers.
The phenomenon will be best viewed between Innisfail, 65km south of Cairns, and the Daintree just north of the city, where it will start about 5.45am and end by 7.40am (with "totality" between 6.39am and 6.41am).
"There is change moving up the coast but ahead of it will be showers. It will be very close," weather bureau forecaster Bryan Rolstone said.

Scientists are curious about how fish, coral and other marine creatures will react to next Wednesday's total solar eclipse over Cairns.
Filmmakers hope to capture the first underwater footage of the rare spectacle of "totality" - complete darkness as the moon blocks out the sun - in waters off far north Queensland.


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