Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prince Harry 'nude photos' are real:Clarence House confirms

Harry jumped into the pool in his jeans around 3am at the swanky VIP pool party ready for the challenge, the Daily News reported.
The ambitious royal got a head start on Lochte, who patiently counted to three before easily beating Harry with his powerful breaststroke. Lochte won 11 medals at the London Olympics, where he famously flashed his diamond-studded American flag grill.

First it was the Nazi costume, caught on camera. Then it was the casual racism, recorded on video. Now it's strip-billiards, captured on a cameraphone. Prince Harry doesn't have much luck when it comes to modern technology. And yet, apart from a few days of embarrassment, this latest scrape won't have the least impact on his reputation, because the Prince is at the vanguard of a generation who have had their entire youth, and almost every indiscretion, stored somewhere on the internet.

These days it is very easy to take a picture of somebody drunkenly misbehaving, and even easier to make that photo public. Almost every teenager owns a smartphone that allows them to post pictures of their friends getting drunk, taking drugs or (for a certain crowd) playing strip-versions of country-house pastimes. What's more, they all spend their time on social media, meaning that the moment a photo is online, somebody will be laughing at it. This habit continues through university, as Prince Harry has so ably demonstrated, into your twenties as well.

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