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Change your Destiny :By Alfredo Karras

Change your Destiny Wisdom to help you know how to be in this world By Alfredo Karras Every person sets his or her destiny.

 This I am sure about. Nothing happens by chance. You make a plan and decide to make it happen. Your mind is a powerful magnet that will attract to you the things you identify yourself with. If you have sad thoughts, you will attract tragedies. If you are a good man, you will attract the company of good people. The stronger your will, the clearer and more defined your goals will be and the greater the ‘coincidences’ that will appear in front of you, helping you get where you wish – Heaven or hell.

 You decide what you want. If a man writes perfectly, but does not know a lot about calculations, is he handicapped compared to an eminent mathematician? And the mathematician is handicapped compared to the scribbler? Is a swordsman handicapped because he cannot sing? Is a man handicapped for not having wings to fly or gills to breathe under water? We are responsible for each action, each word, each thought. Nobody can escape from this responsibility. Our words, deeds and thoughts have an effect and that effect may be short-term or longterm but be sure, there are consequences and we must deal with those consequences.

Be good. But do not be good only to those who please you; be good to everyone who exists. This is for your own welfare. If you have bad feelings in your heart, you are vulnerable to evil and suffering. But, if there are only good things in your heart, the bad things that people wish you or put in your path will merely bounce off such a wall of good and will reflect back to the one who wished it to you. Your only protection from what is evil is being good.

 If we know why we are suffering it is easier to bear the suffering. But if you don’t know the reason you can only count on one thing to withstand the suffering: self-strength. It may be more difficult, but this way your spirit gets stronger, becomes totally serene and dominates all the passions. You learn the lessons that the suffering has to teach. It is more difficult, but it is better not to know the reason. Superior are those who, with best intentions, serve their brothers. Inferior are those who, by the power of the sword and the word, make others serve them. Happier and blessed is the one who gives, not the one who receives.

 Real power is not being tied to the things of this world. Thirst for the things of this world is insatiable and turns into agony because it can never be satisfied. The happiness that comes from wealth and disposing of lives is dull and short-lived; it is frequently threatened by usurpers, betrayers, diseases and finally death. But the person who knows that power is made of light and does not wish to be anything but life in all its prime, finds all the wealth in existence: love, friendship and peace. And so that person is happy, because not even death can take these things from him. And this is the greatest power one can wish.

 Instead of surrounding yourself with two hundred smarmy people, surround yourself with two friends who appreciate you for who you are, independently of what you own. Two hundred smarmy people will abandon you when you most need them, but two friends will be your legitimate army.

 Can’t you see that the dream that sprouts in your hearts is your mission on Earth. Live. Evolve. Don’t be afraid of learning. Many of you have got dreams, but do not have the courage to follow them.

 Brazilian author Alfredo Karras’s first novel ‘Be’ has been published by Smink Works Books. Imagine if you knew how to change your destiny. Now you can. Following the orders of his King, knight Henrique sets out to ruin many lives and conquer riches, wielding lies and violence to achieve his aims. But these plans eventually fall apart and this cruel knight is forced to face the truths of life. And so his powerful journey begins.

Important revelations about human existence see Henrique embark on a path where he shares his knowledge about how to ‘be’ in this world.



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