Saturday, July 21, 2012

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SUPER EARTH: Scientists discover life-supporting planet 'right at Earth's door front.Gilese 581

Gilese 581 has "churchly weather" similar to what we experience in Australia and could support human life. Picture: AP
  • Scientists find planet that could support human life
  • Gliese 581 not just at Earth's front door, "in our face"
  • Researchers couldn't determine what planet's surface is like
ASTRONOMERS have discovered a planet that may be capable of supporting human life, and it's right at Earth's front door.
"It's not just in our backyard, it's right in our face," lead researcher Professor Steven Vogt said.

The planet is 22 light years away, previously thought to be 20 light years, and is formally known as Gliese 581g, but Professor Vogt told that he has since named it after his wife.

"I called it 'Zarmina's world'," Professor Vogt said.


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