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ICC Cricket Team Ratings & Rankings 2009 |ICC World Rankings

ICC Cricket Team Ratings & Rankings

ICC Cricket Rankings - Test Teams
Sno ICC Cricket Teams ICC Matches ICC Points ICC Cricket Rating
1 ICC Cricket India Team 32 3957 124
2 ICC Cricket South Africa Team 30 3672 122
3 ICC Cricket Australia Team 31 3600 116
4 ICC Cricket Sri Lanka Team 31 3574 115
5 ICC Cricket England Team 39 4102 105
6 ICC Cricket Pakistan Team 17 1424 84
7 ICC Cricket New Zealand Team 25 2001 80
8 ICC Cricket West Indies Team 25 1910 76
9 ICC Cricket Bangladesh Team 19 255 13
Reliance Mobile ODI Championship ICC ODI Cricket Teams Rankings and Ratings
RankingsCricket TeamsMatchesPointsRating
1ICC Cricket Australia Team384907129
2ICC Cricket India Team364443123
3ICC Cricket South Africa Team212550121
4ICC Cricket New Zealand Team242630110
5ICC Cricket Pakistan Team272952109
6ICC Cricket England Team303193106
7ICC Cricket Sri Lanka Team313298106
8ICC Cricket West Indies Team21158976
9ICC Cricket Bangladesh Team28154855
10ICC Cricket Zimbabwe Team3079126
11ICC Cricket Ireland Team615225
12ICC Cricket Kenya Team14282

ICC Twenty20 Rankings, Twenty20 Ratings, Twenty20 Team Rankings 2009
RankingICC Twenty20 Cricket TeamsTwenty20 MatchesICC (20 20) PointsICC Twenty20 Cricket Ratings
1ICC Cricket South Africa Team193866220
2ICC Cricket Pakistan Team173630218
3ICC Cricket India Team132603214
4ICC Cricket Sri Lanka Team132738207
5ICC Cricket West Indies Team111969206
6ICC Cricket Australia Team224780206
7ICC Cricket England Team173102205
8ICC Cricket New Zealand Team 234275194
9ICC Cricket Bangladesh Team122078148
10ICC Cricket Zimbabwe Team61106138
11ICC Cricket Canada Team459074
12ICC Cricket Kenya Team442153
13ICC Cricket Netherlands Team235044
14ICC Cricket Scotland Team331039
15ICC Cricket Ireland Team122728

The Reliance Mobile ICC Cricket Rankings are the authorized guide to the qualified merit of cricket batsmen, cricket bowlers and cricket all rounders in Test cricket matches and one day international cricket.

The Reliance Mobile ICC one day international Women’s cricket Rankings give a chance to platform the foremost stars in the women’s international cricket matches.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has connected with Reliance Mobile to generate and endorse the ICC Test Championship Rankings, the ICC One Day International Championship Rankings and the ICC Player Rankings.

The ICC cricket Player Rankings are a broadly followed method of rankings for international cricket players based on their latest show in cricket matches. The present sponsor is Reliance Mobile who has signed a agreement with the International Cricket Council (ICC) that will end until 2015.

ICC cricket ratings were developed at the proposal of Ted Dexter in 1987. The purpose was to generate an enhanced signal of cricket players' present rank in the cricket sport than is endowing with by comparing cricket players averages. Cricket players Career averages are stand on a player's entire cricket career and do not build any stipend for cricket match circumstances or the power of the opponent, whereas the cricket ratings are biased in the direction of current form and relation for cricket match environment and the worth of the opponent using numerical dealings.

Originally the ICC cricket rankings or ratings were for Test cricket only, but separate One Day International cricket ratings or rankings were established in 1998. Together sets of cricket rankings of cricket ratings have not been determined back to the begin of those forms of the cricket game.

International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket Ranking and Cricket Ratings, Cricket Team Rankings and Ratings, Cricket Player Rankings and Ratings.

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